Our Services

Full-time Nanny

The weeks after birth of the baby can be more challenging than the past nine months, the mother has to take care of a fragile newborn as well as healing their weak and battered body. Most parents are first timers and would like to turn to someone who can provide guidance and an extra pair of hands in taking care of their newborn. ACE Confinement Nanny offers their services with their team of well trained and experienced nannies to assist parents in doing so.

Our nannies have received intensive training in confinement centers in Malaysia or have more than 5 years of experience under their belts. Therefore they are well equipped with confinement practices and a wealth of experience to provide care for both post natal mothers and their newborns.

Job Scope of our nannies

24 hours care of the newborn

Jaundice/Colic care for newborn

Support mother in breastfeeding or bottle feeding of newborn

Clean/Sterilize milk bottles in absence of breastfeeding

Bathing/Diaper change for newborn

Updating newborn’s daily log

Laundry for newborn, mother and father

Maintenance of organization of nursery

Cook for mother (confinement food) and father

Cleaning of kitchen daily after cooking

Brewing of herbal tonics for mother

Preparation of confinement bath for mother

Provide advice and educate parents on baby care procedures

Sweeping and cleaning of floor once or twice a week