We Believe Every Mother Deserves A Peaceful & Restful Confinement Period

A confinement nanny is someone who can provide assurance, extra help and care to mothers and babies during
the postpartum period. ACE confinement nanny provides experienced stay in confinement nannies in Singapore for both mother and baby who deserves to be well rested.

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Our Full Time Confinement Nannies can help with

Confinement Herbal Tonics

Nanny will prepare and brew herbal tonics and red dates tea for mother.

24 Hours Baby Care

Nanny will provide attention and care for your newborn including feeding, changing diapers, cleaning, updating baby’s daily log and night feeding.

Laundry for Mother & Baby

Nanny will do the laundry, including washing, hanging and folding the clothes. (Only baby’s clothes will be handwash)

Confinement Food

Nanny will prepare confinement meals for the mother and will do a basic cleaning of the kitchen after meals.

Confinement Bath

Nanny will prepare confinement bathing herbs for the mother to wash up.

Domestic Chores

Nanny will help in sweeping and mopping the floor up to twice a week.

Pro Breastfeeding

Nanny will assist the mother in breastfeeding by providing guidance and help in nursing for your newborn.

Provide Guidance and Advice

Nanny will provide tips and knowledge on baby care for mother.

Our Confinement Nannies

We have high expectations of our confinement nannies and only the best are selected to be part of our team.

Full Time Nanny

The weeks after birth of the baby can be more challenging than the past nine months, the mother has to take care of a fragile newborn as well as healing their weak and battered body. Most parents are first timers and would like to turn to someone who can provide guidance and an extra pair of hands in taking care of their newborn. ACE Confinement Nanny offers their services with their team of well trained and experienced nannies to assist parents in doing so.

Reliable and Trustworthy

Experienced and Trained Nannies

At ACE Confinement Nannies, we interview every confinement nanny candidate, so as to ensure that our nannies have undergone previous training in all aspects of infant care or have vast amount of experience under their belts to be competent in their field of work. only those that have passed our final test are selected to take on jobs from our prospective customers. This is to put our customer’s mind at ease especially on the frequently asked question of confinement nannies’ capabilities and skills.

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